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Posting Guidelines

Guide to Getting Posted on

Models, Photographers, Make-Up Artists and Fans are encouraged to POST YOUR PICS! Your pics will be featured on the front page of this site (which has been developed specifically for this purpose!) AND delivered to ALL subscribers!

It’s a fantastic opportunity to get your work in front of thousands of hard-core fans every day! And when I say ‘hard-core’, I mean HARDCORE! Man, if I don’t post something at least every day I start getting HATE mail!! So do us all a favor and help me feed the frenzy!

Here’s what we’re looking for:

Retro Styled Modern Pin-Up Photos and Art:

The only hard and fast rule is it has to be OLD SCHOOL. By that I mean vintage glamour, retro looks, classic cheesecake pinup styled paintings, photo’s, outfits, hair and makeup. It’s the LOOK we want… any girl can wear lingerie, latex or a girdle, but it takes a certain kind of look to pull off a real Pinup! If you know what I’m talking about - WE WANT YOU!


The whole point of a Pinup is to TEASE - so don’t give the game away right!  Also, the whole Not Safe For Work (NSGW) thing comes in to play as a lot of fans get their daily email at work, so let’s not get anyone fired :)

WATERMARK your pics!

Your image will be sent to everyone on the daily email list, the twitter list AND the facebook Page so don’t post anything without adding your copyright so everyone knows who holds the rights to the image. I don’t want to encourage stealing of people’s images.

Can’t stress this enough… if you don’t watermark your pics (put your logo/name/URL on them) people won’t know who owns the copyright!

Don’t make it easy for thieves.


Don’t post anything you don’t have the right to post OR want going out in the public domain! As a basic rule, if you are ok posting it on myspace/flickr etc you should be fine here. This is a public website, so be responsible. By submitting your pics you give the right to publish your pics on this blog! This ALSO INCLUDES our social sites and the sites that Syndicate our RSS FEED! So don’t post something you don’t have the rights to, or don’t want me to promote.

For more information on the Copyright issue please see further down the page.


OK, this is where the payoff is. You MUST give credit to who the model is, who the photographer is, who the make-up artist is and who the stylist is - with LINKS to their websites. Social Network sites or profiles are fine as long as you give us a link to the public page. Most people will be grateful for you taking the time to do it, and I probably won’t post your pic without it. So take the time ok!

COMMON SENSE is in no way liable for your images, nor do we retain any copyright to them. However you do agree to give the right to distribute the images you post. That’s kind of the point right! :-)

The BEST WAY To Get Your Pin-Up Posted:

OK, had a couple emails asking if specific pics that have been submitted will get posted or not, so I figure I better clear this up.  

Here it is:

“If I like it I’ll post it.  If I don’t I won’t :)”

There’s no science or formula, I simply post what I like.  If I don’t post you it’s because I didn’t like the photo, or I was in a shitty mood.  But if you send me stuff I ‘don’t like’ - well it ain’t gettin posted.

Here’s some of the stuff I ‘don’t like’:

  1. Blatant ADS!  I get you’re a photog, or a clothing company, or a pro model, or whatever, and getting Posted gives some exposure - but if you send me a f&^%%^$ AD I’m not posting it.  This isn’t a commercial blog and if it was I’d be charging you to Post your commercial posts. 

  2. Crap photo’s!  I LOVE that anyone can send me their stuff and I encourage it, but I also have to LOVE the readers.  So if I post your stuff and I get 8000 subscribers pissed off at me, you won’t be posted again.  I am pretty good at knowing what the crew like after 4 years of doing this, so if you don’t make the cut it isn’t personal, it just won’t work for the Post.

  3. Other stuff, like nudes (can’t post nice bits but feel free to send them to me anyway :), full latex/fetish (I do post retro styled latex, but skip the catsuits and GIMP wear), 70’s/80’s/90’s/2000’s Glam or bikini swimwear stuff (if you think it’s ‘good enough for Playboy’ - you missed the point!), self-pics that belong on Myspace not PinupPost (love the non-professional girls, but phonecam pics…)

  4. Shitty moods.  Mine.  If Im in a crap mood I will be harsher on what gets posted.  No big deal, try again some other time :)

I get up to 50 pics a day being submitted which is AWESOME and please keep them coming!!  In order to keep up I am posting up to 6 TIMES A DAY and still there’s up to 4 weeks of backlog - which RULES because it means there’s tons of hot pin-up pics coming for everyone.

But it also means a little patience if you just sent them in, they may not show up for a week, sometimes 2 or more but if you havent seen them by then they got cut.  Send some different stuff and hopefully Im in a better mood :)

Copyright Infringment Notice

Just got an email from Tumblr saying I had been reported for posting a pic without copyright authority.  Awesome.  This doesn’t happen very often, but once in a while I need to remind everyone of the basic rules of engagement here:

  1. All work is sent TO by YOU - whether artist, photog, reader or model.  I don’t source any of it and haven’t for years.  If you see your work here it’s coz someone sent it in not because I’ve ‘stolen’ your work.

  2. If you’re a photog and you give your model permission to use the shots of her (TFP included), EXPECT her to use it to promote herself.  It’s pretty common sense.

  3. If you’re a model make sure you HAVE permission to spread your pics round the net etc.  This is usually worked out between you and the photog in advance of the shoot so everyone is clear.

  4. DON’T post pics to the site without permission.  Period.  Last thing we all want is to get this site shut down coz someone f***ed up and posted something without permission.  There’s 8000+ daily pin-up fans out there that would like to see the site stay up, so seriously, work it out before you send it in.

  5. For everyone.  If you see something on here that you want removed, EMAIL me or use the contact form or Ask form or whatever.  Im here ALL the time and happy to remove anything and do anytime Im asked. Submitting a copyright infringment is seriously lame and jeapordises the site instead of resolving your issue.  It’s also a guarantee Im never going to post your work again.  

Alright, got everything sorted?


Click Here to Post your Pin-Ups and make sure to include:

  • Full details of the Model - PLUS Link to their website

  • Full Details of the Photographer - PLUS Link to their website

  • Full Details of the Make-up Artist - PLUS Link to their website

You will see your pics in your email the day they are posted (you did Subscribe right?).  If you see anything wrong, email me back and I’ll make the corrections.

When you see your Pin-Ups online, TELL YOUR FRIENDS! It’s not mandatory, but sending out a Bulletin or email to let everyone know your pics are up would be appreciated! That way more people get to hear about it, and we all get more cool Pinups!


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